Thursday, October 15, 2009

I guess sometimes it really IS like flipping a switch

Despite the very occasional exception, Mariana has struggled with taking food from a spoon and most often has refused to take anything except from her bottle. Until last night. Out of nowhere it finally clicked for her and she not only opened wide, but she also grabbed Daddy's hand to guide the spoon to her mouth faster! Hooray Mari! Great job!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mariana is

American Flag and Twin Tower       -ing Palms

officially a U.S. CITIZEN as of 9/4/09...and today we got the certificate of citizenship to prove it! HOORAY!! I'd have taken a picture but for the bright red notice on the certificate that says IT IS PUNISHABLE BY U.S. LAW TO COPY, PRINT OR PHOTOGRAPH THIS CERTIFICATE WITHOUT LAWFUL AUTHORITY. I'd never last in jail...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Losing Track of Time...

You know the feeling. You're going about your business, doing what you've gotta do, when all of a sudden you realize that you've completely lost track of time. You haven't updated the blog in how long? You haven't returned that phone call from how many days (or weeks) ago? I know you feel me. I know you can relate. That's why I feel empowered to admit that I, too, seem to be losing track of time lately.

I remember reading other friends blogs and wondering where they've gone when the posts slow down after they got home from Colombia. (Beth? Jen B? Traci? Yeah, girls, I'm talking to you!) But I get it. I do. You get home and all of a sudden you're losing track of time. Thank goodness for Facebook or people would think I've totally disappeared! Please don't take my silence personally...I am really trying over here. Ok, so let's update:

Mari saw her doctor and is being referred to a cardiologist to evaluate her documented heart defect. This would sound a whole lot scarier if every doctor she's seen since she's been in our care hadn't specifically said that she has no audible heart murmur. I'm praying that she was one of the many children whose heart issues resolve on their own with time. She is also being referred to physical and occupational therapy so I'll be looking into that in the coming days. Other than that, the little chubber-wubber has gained almost 2 pounds since she's been with us and she's doing great.

(Pssst...I am halfway through my Christmas list already. Yes, I know it's only October 3rd, but Christmas is requiring creative financing this year so I am getting started earlier than usual. I'm still excited. Thank you! Thank you!)

Kyle went to a movie at the middle school last night with his "girlfriend" (or at least the girl he has claimed as his girlfriend since Kindergarten...mercifully she returned the favor and started claiming him as her boyfriend at the end of year dance last year). They go to different middle schools and haven't seen each other since June, but all seems to have gone well last night and they are still great friends.

Katie is loving first grade and is having a ball. She love, love, loves being a big sister and it is fun to watch her with Mari. We are deciding what extracurriculars to enroll her in...if it were up to her she'd be in something every night of the week. Mom can't handle that!

Finally, Octoberis highly publicized as Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is excellent, but it is also Down Syndrome Awareness month. A lot of my blogger friends are doing daily blog posts with an eye toward educating us all on Down syndrome. I am still learning much of this stuff myself so I haven't committed to the 31 for 21 daily entries; however, PLEASE check in on my blogroll and read some of the posts on the other blogs listed. I'm enjoying them and I know you will too.

Get It Down; 31 for 21