Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Actually Having Quite a Bit of Fun!

I've been sewing away making hats for all of Mari's Mad Hatters. Sadly, there are no top hats {or Wellingtons, if that's the term you prefer} in the bunch, but since the hats I have chosen to make go together really quickly I now have 6 of the 15 hats we need done. Take a look:

Fun Fact: Care to guess who HATES hats and refuses to keep one on her head?

"Who Me?" EXACTLY.

Oh well! Back to the sewing machine I go.


Jennifer said...

I'm diggin' the hats! You are a sewing rock star!!! :-)

Wendi and Benjamin Wood said...

how cute is that!!! love the bucket hats! hey now...mama got skill, boo! lol

Molly said...

so so so so so cute!