Sunday, April 25, 2010


* fi·esta (fē es)


  1. a religious festival; esp., a saint's day
  2. any gala celebration; holiday
(thank you,, for the cutesy definition I used for my opener!)
Extra credit to the person who knows why we're talking FIESTAs around here this week. But I'll warn you, there are more than one right answer and few of you will really be able to get them all. (Hillary, I'm looking at you!)

Give up? Okay, I'll tell you.

Reason #1:

A certain young someone I know is on a countdown to her "Terrible TWOs" and we'll be having a FIESTA in her honor next weekend! See how she's practicing for those 2s by ever so sweetly yanking her sister's hair out by the handful!!


Reason #2:

Another not-quite-as-young (but still young, nonetheless) someone has officially kicked, punched and run his way to qualifying for his next karate belt and is officially a BROWN BELT! If not for the horrid picture quality you could see his tiger-eyed determination. Again with the camera phone grainy-ness. Oh how I pine for a new super-cool camera to play with! (Canon Rebel, I'm looking at you!)


Reason #3:

With this week's tooth pulling adventure, a third young someone is fast approaching a point of having more missing or adult teeth than she has baby teeth. And, by the way, she's got the Tooth Fairy Shakedown down to a fine science! The dollar under her pillow at home was not nearly enough and she found $9 (!!!) under her pillow at Pepe and Yiaya's house the next night.


Reason #4 (This one's the tricky one!):
Wa-a-a-a-y back when, when Kyle was just a baby, I bought copy of the FIESTA! video from Sesame Street. He absolutely ADORED this video (which was, literally, a was on VHS) and wore the tape out watching it over and over. When Katie came along we went on a search for our favorite FIESTA! This time we upgraded to DVD. Now Mari has joined the ranks of her siblings and just love.Love.LOVES to watch FIESTA! Most often she doesn't even know the television exists, but let the first notes of this DVD ring out and she'll drop everything and watch it. See?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


We're busy having fun this week since the kids are out of school for Spring Break. If you'll forgive the poor picture quality (my new cheapy phone doesn't take great ones) you'll see that so far this Spring break we have:
Worked in our garden planting new seedlings and finding new blooms...

Made one of two new Easter dresses needed by Sunday (luckily the one left is the smaller of the two)...

Played in the pool at Memaw and Papaw's...

Salvaged the rainy Spring Break day by playing in the rain in our backyard...

And had a great day at the beach, if you can believe it. I don't do the beach, never have. But it was overcast and windy and it was really not a bad day at the beach if I do say so myself.

We're over halfway through our week of freedom. We have a few precious days left. Now to figure out how to spend them.