Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

My friend Deanna has done the 7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by Conversion Diary for ages. This week I am going to do it too!


These girls? They're amazing. Some I have known for 30+ years, some I have known for about a week...but I love 'em all!

2 While I sit here blogging about random things, I have 8 short stories to read then write a one-page response to each; approximately 100 pages of literary theory to read, evaluate, absorb, and understand enough to discuss intelligently; 3 short essays to write discussing three separate approaches to literary criticism; and several videos to review along with two textbook chapters to prepare for a quiz on Language and Culture -- all with deadlines of Sunday night (11:59pm) through Wednesday night (7pm). It's a good thing I am enjoying all of these classes!

3 It is HOT. It took a little while to get used to the chill in Tennessee but now that I am back home I miss the nice, cool, Fall weather! I'm hoping it will cool off here before the holidays.

We are doing a family experiment. We are going VEGETARIAN for two weeks. The older kids have each selected 5 recipes they want to try and Bill selected 4 and we are going to go for it started next week (I hope). It was supposed to be this week but it didn't work out quite right.

5 It has been a roller coaster week. I don't like roller coasters.


We are just a few weeks from the Buddy Walk.

Wanna join us? CLICK HERE to join our team or make a tax-deductible donation to Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization.

7 I need to get started on all that homework but I'm going to go play with the cutest niece on the planet instead!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do You Guys Know G-Man?

Do you know him? If not, maybe you should. He's got some great stuff over there. For example, today he is inviting us to a Haiku Wednesday party. {I am sooo bad at haiku.} Go check him out and then go ahead and see another Jenn, who rocks the haiku at You know...that Blog.

I'll never get it -

three strange little lines and it's

poetic somehow?

{SEE?!?!? I told you I am bad at haiku. But I guess maybe that's because I really don't get it. Someday...}