Friday, July 6, 2012

Just Quick Update...

Should I beg for forgiveness by rattling off the million reasons why I am not blogging?  Should I quite simply throw up a post like it hasn't been 6 weeks since I last posted (and more than six months since I posted with any regularity) and hope nobody calls me on it? What is a bad blogger like me to do? 

Acknowledge it and move on.

 [see above] Aaaaand moving on.

We have been busy, busy and there aren't even very many photos to prove it.

We have had surgeries, injuries, and loss of loved ones.

We have had FCATs and IEPs and 8th Grade Graduation. 

We have had District competitions

and reading time, and butterflies hatching (But do butterflies hatch, really?  Hmmm...),
and making big messes!

We have had lots of fun in the last few month and are having a great summer so far.  I always hope to be more consistent with my blogging...I guess we'll see.