Saturday, December 8, 2012

'Tis the Season For An Extra Set of Eyes...

I never would have guessed that Kat would have wished so desperately for an Elf to report her niceties and naughty deeds back to Santa Claus but she did...
Made a bed and a welcome package for the Elf and everything
{complete with Believe (flameless) candle to light the way}.
Sure enough, it worked and Laxy arrived!
{Laxy was to be named Lexi, but with the help of a
divinely appointed spelling error we learned her TRUE name.}

And even surer, still, Laxy is already making herself at home around here!

Hopefully she catches all the Niceties and Helpful Deeds and can report an astonishing lack of Naughtiness around here. 
Do you have extra eyes around the house these days too?  Or is it just me?