Hello, readers.

We have been commissioned to write an ABOUT PAGE for a gentleman by the name of Vince Murray. We have been asked by the very same gentleman to put together a brief page introducing you to him and his passions. He has also asked us to give you a short report on his current state of health. And while we are doing all of this, we must just tell you what Mr. Murray is planning to write to you about in the first series of articles of his blog.

Now, in order for us to give you as accurate an impression on the man’s health and passions, we had to spend some time with him, asking some relevant and yet pertinent questions. He accepted this, but in the strictest confidence to us (at the time), he did ask us not to divulge anything personal about him. We, in turn, accepted this after he gave us (and you) the reassurance that if and when he felt the time was right, he would write on the personal level.

As it is with all online blogs that are characterized as being the personal property of the writer or developer, this is his right. So then, let us begin. Let the games begin. We say this tongue in cheek because the Olympic Games are one of Mr. Murray’s driving passions. We feel both privileged and fortunate to be writing to you on his behalf because, as it turns out, he has been more than generous and gracious in this matter.

Thanks to Vince Murray, our work here is made lighter, and it will not be long that it will be done. After that, it will be all over to – a round of applause, please – to, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Vince Murray. Murray’s original name is actually Vincenzio Murray. That is how he was christened at birth. You see, like many English-speaking men from around the world, he is of mixed parentage. He comes from a long line of migrants as well.

Of age to make decisions for himself, he was also one of those who voted in favor of the United Kingdom staying within the European Union. In other words, he voted against Brexit. Sadly, that day came and went, and most of you reading this introductory letter to one Vince Murray know the result, still being haggled over between Mrs. Theresa May and Her Majesty’s government and the EU officials. Although he is a die-hard Scotsman through and through, he is also quite proud of the English heritage, in spite of its brutal past.

And he is also quite proud of his Italian heritage, hence his unusual (original name). This heritage also tells us a little something about his fondness for spaghetti and all other famous Italian pastas which, incidentally, originated in China. This was a culinary something that the great Italian explorer, Marco Polo, brought back to his homeland after many years sojourn through that great land of China. Vince has also been through some great cities in his lifetime. This is not so much to do with his passion for travelling but more to do with his fanatical participation in some of the great marathons of the world.

Now, while Vince has taken a backseat to running at least two marathons a year, he is getting on in years, you see, he remains in pretty good shape, health-wise. This is not so much to do with his active participation in marathons over the years, and the training that goes into it, but more to do with the fact that he has remained consistent in keeping himself fit, healthy and well. So now that you know that Vince is fit and well, let’s go in a little more about his passions in life.

Like all red-blooded, or is it hot-blooded, Scotsmen, Vince is mad about football. At this point, he has asked us to point out the terminology of this global pastime on behalf of all international readers. And before we do that, here is an interesting anecdote that Vince has asked us to share with you. Proudly Scots, he wishes to inform you all that it was a Scotsman who introduced the game of football to the Brazilians many moons ago.

And, as you may already know, it was the famous Brazilians who turned this popular sport into the ‘beautiful game’. Brazil has won the world cup no less than five times. Italy and Germany have come close, winning it four times apiece, although it must be said that it may never have been the case. Not since the great Diego Maradona lost his head and the recent heir to his throne Lionel Messi lost his nerve.

And, Vince is quite disgusted at this, not since the Italians foulmouthed and insulted the mother of the great Frenchman of Algerian origin, Zinedine Zidane to head butt him and his team out of the world cup. Vince minds it not that we share some of his excitement with you here, but it really is time that we move things along. And then it will be over to the flying Scotsman to let his fingers do the talking. Football, as the beautiful game is formally known, is also fondly referred to as ‘footie’ by Vince’s clansmen in Glasgow and the English across the border.

To most of you, it is known as soccer. Glasgow Celtic, by the way, is Vince’s favorite team while he very much likes to support Napoli over in Italy. It looks as though the old boy is going to be spending time talking to you about his bucket list. He also has a wish list he would like to share with you. That being said, he will be talking to you about his lifestyle strives. And finally, he would like to share with you what he discovered about the weight training supplement known as protein shakes.

Ladies, gentlemen, do enjoy your reading with Vince Murray.