As promised, here is my post in endeavoring to answer the question; just how good are protein shakes for you. I do believe that there is much information to be shared with you, but because it is in abundance and I only have so much space, I will have to keep the information I have for you as brief as possible. Now, this is not at all on the same level as the lecture I gave the lads, oh, so long ago, in the gym. It should serve more as an informative introduction to help you decide whether you need to be using protein shakes or not. Let me get on with it then.

What are protein shakes?

An authentic protein shake is derived from always reading the product’s label as closely and correctly as possible. Those who have inclinations towards using this product at some stage in the future to help with their muscular development in the gym should strive towards sourcing an organic product. In any event, most of the authentic products on the market are made up purely of natural ingredients which have all been compounded into the recommended powdered formation.

One of the most important ingredients included in the protein shake is that of whey. It is derived from cow’s milk originally, but vegan practitioners will be pleased to know that there are vegan alternatives available to them. Only the conundrum with this is that they will be deprived of the potency of the whey ingredient. The powdered solution is recommended because it makes the drink easily digestible and accessible to your bloodstream.

You simply mix the powder with water or your favorite fruit juice. I have tried this with milk and I can tell you that it is delicious. Although I must warn you on something here. I suppose the reason why I told you that the drink is delicious is because I have always enjoyed a good glass of milk. It has become a favored ingredient for me when I have been busy in the kitchen knocking together a few smoothies for the road ahead.

The warning is that protein shakes that are flavored may contain harmful ingredients which have been deliberately added to flavor the drink. It is the same for most processed foodstuffs today. This is perhaps why I am advocating that you strive to find the organic source.

Who should be using protein shakes

For the record, the lads in the gym are no longer drinking protein shakes. Or least I hope they are not, given that I have long since retired from supervising them. In any event, here is a brief consideration as to who should really be using protein shakes. A number of candidates come to mind. To my mind, the most obvious candidate is one who is suffering from an acute protein deficiency due to his genetic shortcomings.

Sociological factors also come to mind. These are those poor folks who have yet to master the art of putting together the perfectly balanced meal plan that will, of course, always include your natural protein. They can address their protein deficiency with a protein drink. But do note that that is not the be all and end all of protein drinks or shakes. In actual fact, the prime candidate for protein supplement use is your extremely physically active gentleman or lady.

These are your sports active men and women who continuously drain themselves of energy during their competitive pursuits. They are also drastically reducing their protein reserves whilst exercising with weights in the gym. So apart from utilizing protein shakes as a means to an end to improve muscle strength it is primarily utilized by highly active men and women to replace the excess protein resources lost during their physical activities.

Consider your lifestyle before you purchase a pack

So, as you have seen, I have tentatively recommended this product for those of you who are finding it difficult to finely balance your meal plan for the week. But I do warn you that it is only a supplement and can never truly replace the original natural ingredients. The protein shake combo is never going to include all of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you will always find in your fruits and vegetables and healthy meat stocks.

On this latter point, when I think of healthy meat, I think mainly of free range produce. It is free of hormones and toxins and the animals are all fed natural produce in turn. Also, a reduction in red meat consumption and the inclusion of a little more fat free and skinless poultry and omega three fatty acid rich fish makes for an utterly healthy protein diet that is good for the heart. If you err on the side of being rather sedentary then I absolutely forbid you to take a protein shake. However, if you are a regular sportsman or woman and exercise at least six times a week then a protein shake should do no harm to your cardiovascular system, if not that, it may even add benefit to your already good health.

Oh dear. It seems as though I have run out of time and space. What I told the lads in the gym, among other aspects on protein shakes has been pinpointed for a later post.