In this post I will be talking a bit about how you can go about setting yourself up for success. This is to do with having lifestyle strives and I heartily believe that everyone should have them. And as promised, I will be chatting to you on how I got the inspiration to mention that food was utterly glorious. And then I think I would like to call it a night because boyo, I am really tired tonight. It has not been a good week for me.

Lifestyle strives

If you have lifestyle strives to go for, you will have many more good weeks in the year and a lot less bad blue Mondays. Lifestyle strives are achievable if, like you do with your bucket list wish list, you have a good list to work with. Because to be quite honest with you, I do get the impression that many folks out there are quite overwhelmed with their current busy lifestyles. They are so focused, for lack of a better way of putting it, on putting the proverbial bread on the table, that they quickly forget what really is important to them in their daily and future lives.

My interpretation

I see this as one really good reason to get up in the morning, no matter what the gloomy weather seems to hold. The lifestyle or bucket list wish list never needs to be a complicated diatribe. Keep your first list as simple and short as possible. Also focus on realistic and achievable goals. I would hate to see you giving up feeling dejected and hopeless in not believing that any of your dreams or goals will come true. Lifestyle strives are simply a case of just one step at a time.

How you can go about setting yourself up for success

Many folks simply do not know where to start. I have already given you an early indication of how you can achieve success with your projections and goal setting. Keep your first list as short and uncomplicated as possible. Just like the old men did in The Bucket List, keep your list to a single side of paper. And, it does not need to be in order of priority at this stage, but do number the items on your list. If not that, you can always bullet them.

Embrace the health and wellness concept

Good health and always being well drastically improves your chances of success with whichever lifestyle strives you have in mind. I have known so many blokes over the years who always had the best intentions at heart. But somehow they could never find a way towards completing important life-defining tasks successfully. It affected family life as well. A healthy body equates to a healthy mind, and when you have a healthy mind (and body) you are game for anything. There is no mountain too high for you to climb.

Food glorious food

Regular exercise and being physically active is necessary to ensure that body and mind remains healthy. But the body and mind still needs to be sustained. What about the food? Not just any food, but healthy food, chaps. Fortunately for me, I have always had a healthy appetite. So, it was never really difficult to tailor my approach towards new eating habits that would recreate a healthy and balanced meal plan, seven days a week.

Charles Dickens and his Oliver Twist

The little orphan boy named Oliver Twist was the creative inspiration of one of the world’s greatest English Language writers of all time. This little boy’s quiet utterance was what started it all. Upon asking the nasty old beadle whether he could have another bowl of gruel or porridge, the beadle could not believe what he just heard and surreptitiously grabbed the poor boy by the ear. But somehow the rest of the orphanage’s dining hall found the courage to burst into song that had everything to do with the wish for ‘food, glorious food’, something which most of us still take for granted.

On feeding the poor healthy food for a change

Mr. Dickens’ inspiration is in part fed from personal experience. His father was not good in the way he handled his finances, so the Dickens family always found themselves poverty stricken, always falling short where it mattered the most. Throughout his life, Mr. Dickens had much to say on the plight of the poor. And it has inspired me as well to make space in my own life to help feed the poor. It does not matter how they got to be this way, the fact remains that they are indeed hungry.

All food is glorious

Mr. Dickens’ would have also been quite familiar with one of the great levelers that everything taken in moderation can be good for you. Well, most natural food, in any case. In those days there would not have been processed food on supermarket shelves at the rate we are seeing today. So, whichever way you look at it, we still need to be rather careful with our food choices.