I hope you will enjoy this next post. I would like to, once more, divide it into several parts. It seems to be a good way to contain readers’ attention, given that online reading can be so challenging at times. I for one, find it rather difficult at times, not to mention that I am a rather old fashioned reader myself, preferring to busy myself with books rather than online reading. But in today’s environment, online reading has become so necessary.

I saw that need a while back which is why I have embraced the idea of trying to reach out to the world, telling them what I think about being healthy and fit and chatting to them about the lifestyle habits they should be practicing in order to achieve success in their lives and reach those previously unreachable goals and dreams. But the focus here is all on healthy food and supplements. The first part of this post takes a look at creating organic milkshakes.


And I am not quite done in filling you in on protein shakes, so the next part of this post is devoted to more thoughts on that. And finally I will be sharing some thoughts on how best to approach the use of all natural supplements.

Now, about those milkshakes. I mention these because ever since I was a young lad myself, I have always been rather fond of them. But as you grew older and you wizened up as to what was good or bad for your body, you soon realized just how bad those deli takeaway or supermarket milkshakes were for you. Flavored with your favorite flavors, chocolate and strawberry being everyone’s supreme favorites, you find yourself indulging in a very sweet drink highly toxicated with far too much white sugar which apart from being extremely bad for your heart and blood vessels, carries no nutritional value at all.

Protein shakes

I found a way out of that and it is an idea that has been around for a number of years already. Only the thing is, you need to prepare yourself to be a little more creative in that old kitchen of yours. Why use flavored powdered drinks to conjure up a milkshake when you can use real strawberries (and all the other berries you can think of under the organic rainbow) and real chocolate to make your favorite shake.

These days, they are calling it the smoothie. And instead of using high fat milk, you can use fat free alternatives such as almond and coconut milk which give you surprisingly new flavors. As far as organic protein shakes go, you can pretty much achieve the same healthy results.

But in an earlier post which delved into one of my literary inspirations, I made mention of the fact that everything in moderation can be quite a good thing. So it goes with organic or even non-organic protein supplementary formulas. Do not go over the limit. Always limit yourself to no more than two drinks a day, unless of course, you happen to be one of those sports active chaps who are working heavily with weights in the gym to build up muscle bulk and strengthen them.

Things to know about supplements

Apart from exercising moderation, the most important thing to bear in mind is that supplements should only be taken unless it is absolutely necessary. If you have a known vitamin or mineral deficiency then by all means do take a supplement that emphasizes the inclusion of that missing link that is unique to your body. But it takes a well practiced medical practitioner or specialist to determine your deficiency. So if you are feeling particularly weak, do make a point of visiting your doctor before purchasing a multi-vitamin supplement pack from your supermarket or chemist.

Why I told the lads not to use protein shakes

The lads I was tutoring in the gym that fateful day may have been a lot older than young Master Twist but they were not more than fourteen years of age. Their bodies were still very much under development and there was absolutely no room for them to be tampering with excessive protein build-ups at this stage of their body’s development.

It is not a weight loss remedy either

While the argument correctly states that a protein shake can help you to lose weight, taken on its own, and as is the case with most other supplements, it is not the one stop shop solution to all of your own self-made problems. Let us look at this holistically and with a conscience. If you managed to pick up excessive weight through poor eating habits and a chronic lack of exercise, you can be pretty darn sure that you can lose the excess weight again by eating right this time and, oh yes, how about some exercise for a change.

One final word on protein shakes

Protein shakes, as far as I am concerned, are only really wonderful and effective if you are utilizing it correctly and truly for the right reasons.