I forgot about this note.

I had begun composing it several days ago. At that time I had a health and wellness wish list in mind, not just for you, but for me as well. I retraced my footsteps. I checked my journal notes to the exact date when I started composing this note for you. It seems as though I deliberately dropped it because the thought occurred that as a typical old (not so old) schoolmaster, I did not wish to come across as though I were patronizing you.

Force of habit – Or is it an occupational hazard in the sense that I would have normally been lecturing the lads in the gym or out on the football pitch as to what is good for them and what they should be avoiding, not just in the health and wellness sense, but in the mental and/or spiritual sense. But then again, no, it was never anything of the sort. You do remember me saying in one of my earlier blog posts that I only wished to reach out to the world and share my own thoughts on things that matter to me the most and, of course, new discoveries, such as was the case with protein shakes.

I do hope the information I shared with you on protein shakes for the time being has been useful. Perhaps we will have another chat about it on some other occasion as I wait upon the SEO chap to give me feedback on just how many good men and women are visiting my blog. And forthwith, I always address you respectfully as the adults who are all equal to me on every level of life.

And so, on to where I had left off last time. It is just as well because I have now had the thought that I do not wish to keep you engaged for too long – I have another post coming up, that will be a return to the bucket list wish list, and I wish to write that one with some flourish, if I may – so as not to confuse the issue. Just a few short encouraging notes and tips for putting together a new health and wellness checklist.

One thing I did have in mind, and that was to slice the post in half with a demonstration on how I would like my new checklist to look like and then how, perhaps, yours should look if you are one of the many who are only dealing with this now for the first time in your long and merry lives. So, off we go then.

Be well

Is it not nice to be wished in that fashion sometimes? I started to take note of this some time back and have often wondered about the motivations of those folks who wished me well at all times. It was always the calm manner in which they said it. And so, I would like to wish you well upon your life. Be well, my friends.

I am not quite done talking about protein shakes. I feel compelled to add a bit more to this matter.

Protein shakes in more depth

In actual fact, as per my opening notes to this post, this matter has been laid to rest for the time being, except to offer a little bit of respectful encouragement to all the newly converted vegans out there. Just so you know that you do have a vegan alternative in regard to protein shakes. I found out that the correct source is easy to digest and is derived entirely from a plant based source. So, in actual fact, the vegan shake is purely organic.

And then there are a number of other vegan blends purely for everyday use. These you can measure, in modest proportions, mind you, into your new smoothie drinks.

My health and wellness wish list

So, after filling you in on what is currently on my health and wellness wish list for the future, I will proceed to yet more thoughts on protein shakes. Do stick around for that because I think I would like to help you on your way towards setting up your own health and wellness wish list.

Oh, this note is so stale already, but I am leaving it here for posterity.

Anyway, on to my short new list then.

  • New checklist in regard to maturing age – Whilst I may still feel like a young chap, age has a nasty habit of catching up to you when you least expect it.
  • Research new food ingredients to utilize
  • Re-adopt the less is more philosophy
  • And truly become a good listener

Setting up your own health and wellness wish list

  • Do keep it short for the time being – This is to keep you from being utterly overwhelmed, so much so that would prefer to give up altogether.
  • Adopt the five reps principle
  • Enjoy the protein but always cut out the fat
  • Walk or run shorter distances but at a quicker pace