Now, it is all over to you.

It may not have seemed like much but being the old fashioned gentleman that I am, I do believe that I have fed you more than enough glorious food for thought on my own bucket list wish list. Now it is indeed all over to you. It is time for you to rub your hands together and start thinking about what to put on that wish list of yours. But I do realize that this may be a bit difficult for some of you. So, I have decided to try my best and help you with your list.

What’s on your bucket list wish list

A hardy task, indeed, to begin with. As I proposed in the previous post and elsewhere, do keep this list as short as possible. Unlike the old chaps in The Bucket List, you are not in the movies, so apart from keeping your list as simple as possible; a dose of practicality is required. More on this under the next sub-heading.

Thinking practically on this

The American turn of phrase suggests that reality bites. Or, as they like to say; life sucks. I’d like to suggest that they go and suck eggs then. But of course, you do need to think practically over your list. Good and well to have lofty dreams, but do make it a habit of starting only with those things that are achievable within the next six months to a year.

Dreams do come true, but how

Most of the biggest dreams are all for the long-term, in any case. Most folks, as was the case for me, all have dreams to travel the world. And why not? Because this takes some doing, do start with some of the things you could do as from this moment. And within a few years, that dream to travel will come true. So for now, put it on your list that you are going to be saving a little extra each month for the next year.

It is all over to you

And after a year, you can assess your progress and see what needs to be done for the next year or so. Now it is time for you to get going with your homework. This is just a reminder of sorts, and it is all encased as follows.

  • Keep the list short
  • Begin with what you can achieve within the next six months
  • Consider your current health and financial wellbeing
  • And perhaps on a separate list, address all shortcomings with easy to achieve solutions.

If you may recall, I proposed two health and wellness wish lists, one for me and one for you. Perhaps due to the time and space, I had rushed off too quickly, leaving it not quite complete. So do let me fill in the gaps as I see fit. It should now tie up nicely for you.

“Anyway, on to my short new list then.

  • New checklist in regard to maturing age – Whilst I may still feel like a young chap, age has a nasty habit of catching up to you when you least expect it.
  • Research new food ingredients to utilize – As one’s body ages, it does begin to change and as that happens, your nutritional requirements will also need to be adjusted.
  • Re-adopt the less is more philosophy – Doing far too much than is truly necessary, really folks, I do believe this to be true, can age you as well, apart from over-extending yourself and exposing your body to injury and illness.
  • And truly become a good listener – As a schoolmaster, I have always had much to say. It is high time that I spent more time listening to others. And value to me because I will in all probability learn some new things about myself.

Setting up your own health and wellness wish list

  • Do keep it short for the time being – This is to keep you from being utterly overwhelmed, so much so that you may wish to give up altogether. Do short and easy exercise routines that you can manage and adjust your diet gradually.
  • Adopt the five reps principle – It will be effective when you put some intensity into these short reps, rather than wear yourself out with the longer versions of ten to twenty or more.
  • Enjoy the protein but always cut out the fat – This is particularly important for you if you need to lose weight at this point in time. And in any case, the fat congeals around the heart and it is utterly bad for it.
  • Walk or run shorter distances but at a quicker pace – Doing this, you are able to give your unpracticed body a good cardiovascular workout but without overtaxing it to the extreme. And you are more than welcome to stop to catch your breath if even this is hard for you to do at this stage.”